Brambled Fox

This happy fox in a bramble ceramic mosaic found his way into a luxurious kitchen in a prominent place over the stove. Our artists roll a wet clay slab and cut out the fox, bramble and flowers as we draw them. When each piece is carefully cleaned and completely dry, they are bisque fired in the kiln. When fired they are like an unglazed tile or flower pot, this stage is called bisque. The fox is reassembled and brush painted with EofC glaze and hand mixed mineral pigments. Glaze-fired in the kiln, finished pieces are assembled. The infill is done with broken tile and shards of antique plates that compliment the way we paint. Backsplash tile, accent dots, counters and cabinets were all selected to compliment the mosaic. EofC mosaic is often a signature piece of artwork for residential, commercial and public spaces.

Dorsch Residence, MD, USA.

Arched Panel Fox Mosaic
Arched Panel Fox Mosaic
Approximately 22 inches x 28 inches H.

Brambled Fox Installation View
Arched panel installed in backsplash.