Vases, detail

Detail of design on Fabric

Vases, fabric
Focus of Design: View of Decorator Fabric

Custom Design, Mosaic and Tile

EofC is happy to work with you or your designer to complete your space. In this custom design example, the client and designer had selected a fabric and color scheme. EofC designed tile on a theme within the fabric that would maintain integrity of the overall style and color scheme inspired by vases in the Walters Museum, Baltimore. The image on the left, top shows a detail from a fabric swatch; while the image below details this border successfully rendered in tile. EofC created tiles from other elements of the fabric in order to expand the theme. See other tiles based on this theme in our current offerings. If you have design ideas or have been searching for tile with a specific purpose in mind, we encourage you to contact Equipment of Culture. We enjoy a challenge!

Benelux Homage

Border Tile Pattern Based on Fabric, Upper Left